Unit portal

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Unit portal

Each image is unique like we are. The magic begins when the uniqueness of each image spontaneously forms without being planned. Before the image is created, we put the intention that the source or the Divinity sends us only those information that serves the supreme good of all.

What are the tools through the Unit portal that speak to you and heals you?

Firstly the colors.  All the colors raise the vibration and feed our chakras and our soul with information from colors.

Secondly the portal use light. Once the portal is lit, the energy of the colors raises your vibration.

The unit portal tells you the light comes from all over around us. Healing occurs because of the colors that are information from the Universe because through the light it sends the color to Earth implicitly in all your structures. Color therapy takes place where the chakras are loaded with color information, eventually reaching the vibration lift.


 The most important to say is that the portal gives you the choice to feel what emotions you want. This type of art is the art of the new Earth because you are free to choose the emotion you want to experience and the artist becomes co-creator with you.

Above all the geometric shapes is another instrument that the portal use. The universe speaks to us through geometric forms so the form of the square that the portal uses is to communicate with you.

The unit portal uses an optical illusion inside him to remind you that not always what you see is the Divine truth.

Behind the optical illusion is a powerful meaning that comes from sacred geometry.


The triangles inside the portal contain three corners and three sides they are often linked to different trinities. The most common being that of the Christian faith, the holy trinity- father, son, and Holy Ghost. The triangle can also symbolize the stages of the moon- waxing, waning, and full. Other trinities include mind, body & spirit; mother, father & child; past, present & future; mother, maiden & crone; thought, feeling & emotion, and creation, preservation, and destruction.

The spheres forms

In the spheres, we see the energy and Spiritual connection between God/Divinity/Source, humanity, and all of life and that we are all individuations of the Whole; that everything is interrelated, interconnected, and interdependent. We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. When we see ourselves and everything as a part of God/The ONE, we begin to seek to connect with and serve this Body/Whole that we are part of. Our lives become our spirituality demonstrated.

The basic form of the portal is the square that symbolizes stability, matter, gout, and inertia. For example the vertical lines, it can be said that the square also has a dynamic vertically oriented aspect. In conclusion, the square is all the four directions, North, South, East, West, and the four seasons, four elements and the examples can continue.

The observatory state

 The Unit portal lets you become an observer so the magic begins. You will see all kinds of faces, hearts, animals, angels, light entities, and also friendly aliens. Precisely because the image was not planned the information flows from the highest dimensions. Once you become an observer the adventure begins and you will understand more and more messages. All these messages are divine because they started from the intention of receiving only the information that serves the supreme good of all. 

The portal shows you how the decoration fits with its image and how the texture of the decoration reproduces the color shapes very well. Thus you are told that harmony is achieved when we are grounded and connected to the Source.

3D effect and light and color games

The  Unit portal has a 3D effect if viewed from a distance of at least 2m. This way you can see how the shapes get deeper or out of the image. You can simply feel how you enter or exit the portal. It has a remote control with which you can set which light games you want or static color variants. You have full control over the portal whose mission is to raise its vibration.

The size is 40X40cm and 7 cm decoration.


If you want to see the color and light metamorphoses of the portal you can see them on  YouTube


Fire de lumina

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It is your divine right to around you of art that raises your vibration.


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