Touch of Angel

300 lei


Touch of  Angel

Handmade painting on the frame, construction, and led projection with withe feathers. It has a remote control with which you can select the game of lights at will.
It can be used in meditation to calm thoughts and release stress or color therapy.

The portal reminds you that angels are here to help if you asked them for help. Most importantly is the Source gives you these divine friends to be near you. For example, when you have a problem you talk to your angel to give a solution then you quiet your mind to let your intuition tell you what to do.

So the first words that are coming to you are the clue of solutions. In other words, angels show you through signs, numbers, peoples, and experiences of life what to do. Perfect as a wake-up light.

Each model is unique based on the idea of ​​human uniqueness through DNA.

Size 25x25cm (+ decoration 5-10cm)



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