The shield of light

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The shield of light

Each image is a unique creation made according to the kaleidoscope function. The magic begins when the uniqueness of each image spontaneously forms without being planned. Before the image is created, we put the intention that the source or the Divinity sends us only those information that serves the supreme good of all.

What are the tools through Flower of light Portal speak to you and heals you?

Firstly the colors. All the colors raise the vibration and feed our chakras and our soul with information from colors.

Secondly, the portal uses light. Once the portal is lit, the energy of the white shields purifies and loads the space but also on you through the white light that sends it.

Healing occurs because of the colors that are information from the Universe because through the light it sends the color to Earth implicitly in all your structures. Color therapy takes place where the chakras are loaded with color information, eventually reaching the vibration lift.

 The most important to say is that the portal gives you the choice to feel what emotions you want. This type of art is the art of the new Earth because you are free to choose the emotion you want to experience and the artist becomes co-creator with you.

Above all the geometric shapes is another instrument that the portal use. The universe speaks to us through geometric forms so the form of the square that the portal uses is to communicate with you. The square symbolizes stability, the matter, gout, and inertia. For example the vertical lines, it can be said that the square also has a dynamic vertically oriented aspect. In conclusion, the square is all the four directions, North, South, East, West, and the four seasons, four elements and the examples can continue.


Most importantly to say is The shield of light invite you to meditation. So the form of circles precisely to convey to your subconscious the message that sacred geometry uses to let the Universe speak to you. The form of a circle means balance, inner centeredness, harmony with your emotions, and everything about inner peace.

The repeating circles that have a point in the middle as they appear in the front portal form a mandala. The word mandala comes from the Sanskrit language and means a sacred circle. Buddhist monks use Mandala Meditation to connect to the Source. They were paying attention to the point in the middle of the mandala to clear the mind of thoughts.

Each time they came to thought in their mind, they carefully returned to the point in the center of the mandala until they reached the nondominant state. Thus only in the nondominant state could they be connected to the Source and to their Divine Self.

Moreover, the mandala managed to bring them in the present time, which is the key to being in flux with the Universe. The portal introduces you to meditation and invites you to clear your mind of thoughts, to connect to the source so it gives you the opportunity to let the information that serves your supreme good flow. Just a thoughtless mind allows the information from the Source to reach your soul.


The observatory state

 The shield of light portal lets you become an observer so the magic begins. You will see all kinds of faces, hearts, animals, angels, light entities, and also friendly aliens. Precisely because the image was not planned the information flows from the highest dimensions. Once you become an observer the adventure begins and you will understand more and more messages. All these messages are divine because they started from the intention of receiving only the information that serves the supreme good of mankind.


The decore of the frame Harmony begins when Nature embraces the Source. The decoration shows us that both in nature and in the Universe there are colors and patterns and that everything is in harmony both at the microcosmos level and at the macrocosmic level. The portal shows you how the decoration fits with its image and how the texture of the decoration reproduces the color shapes very well. Thus you are told that harmony is achieved when we are grounded and connected to the Source.


Kaleidoscope shape

The repetitive forms in the portal stimulate the intuition and opening of the Ajna chakra. These forms help us to have a more efficient orientation in space because we humans are multidimensional beings and we can live in several dimensions at the same time. Moreover, it leads to the activation of the pineal gland.

3D effect and light and color games

The shield of life portal has a 3D effect if viewed from a distance of at least 2m. This way you can see how the shapes get deeper or out of the image. You can simply feel how you enter or exit the portal. It has a remote control with which you can set which light games you want or static color variants. You have full control over the portal whose mission is to raise its vibration.

It is your divine right to around you of art that raise your vibration! 🌈

Each model is unique based on the idea of ​​human uniqueness through DNA.
Size 40x40cm (+ decoration 5-10cm)



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