Neutron 4

300 lei

 It has a remote control with which you can select the game of lights at will.
It can be used in meditation to calm thoughts and release stress or color therapy.
Firstly is perfect as a wake-up light and secondly, the portal invites you to meditate with him through Buddhist mediation. This meditation helps you clear your mind of thoughts.

You fix your attention on the point in the middle of mandala until your thoughts become fewer. Is most important to say that you make this many times you will receive the state of no thoughts. Then you are connected to your higher self and with the source. This is a new-age art that shows us how  The  Univers talk to us through colors, shapes, numbers.

Each model is unique based on the idea of ​​human uniqueness through DNA.
Size 25x25cm (+ decoration 5-10cm)



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