Metatron portal with amethyst crystals

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Metatron portal with amethyst crystals


Light Wire portals can be taken with you anywhere, anytime because the portal has a portable battery. It is also accompanied by amethyst which makes the portal even stronger with the Metatron symbol.


Amethyst meaning

Amethyst has long been considered a stone of temperance and restraint that was thought to prevent or cure alcohol and other intoxicants. It drives away anger, rage, and fear has purifying powers and helps to awaken the spiritual consciousness (it is said to open the third eye). It calms a restless mind, gives a peaceful sleep, and keeps nightmares at bay. An excellent crystal for entering the state of meditation. Emotional Healing: Amethyst has been believed to reduce alcohol dependence since ancient times.

Practical uses: relieves negative telluric energies under a building.

Statement: I can control my desires!

Metatron symbol meaning

The symbol of Metatron in the middle of the portal urges us to learn from every experience of life, to accept all that is offered to us, to seek to understand the deep meaning of everything. Metatron is a kind of bridge between God and man, who can ask for his support in knowing the value of his deeds. He helps us to keep the balance between what we give and what we keep for ourselves, to better define our limits, and to understand the true meaning of our being. A Metatron Cube Painting, through the symbol that represents it, helps us to fulfill our mission in joy and to understand that the state of fulfillment of any human being is closely related to the fulfillment of the mission.

Metatron teaches us to find the right measure in love, work, creation, and a Metatron Cube Painting can bring balance, health, harmony, and serenity in life and at home. Metatron leads us to a state of harmony in love so that we can lead a sunny, healthy, balanced, and calm life. It is with us when we have to make important efforts, in the most diverse situations: emotional relationships, fulfilling aspirations, giving up harmful habits, settling conflicts by understanding the causes. 

Healing occurs because of the colors that are information from the Universe because the light sends the color to Earth implicitly in all your structures. Color therapy takes place where the chakras are loaded with color information, eventually reaching the vibration lift.

 The most important to say is that the portal gives you the choice to feel what emotions you want. This type of art is the art of the new Earth because you are free to choose the emotion you want to experience and the artist becomes co-creator with you.


 The decore of the frame Harmony begins when Nature embraces the Source.

The decoration shows us that both in nature and in the Universe there are colors and patterns and that everything is in harmony both at the microcosmos level and at the macrocosmic level. The portal shows you how the decoration fits with its image and how the texture of the decoration reproduces the color shapes very well. Thus you are told that harmony is achieved when we are grounded and connected to the Source.


3D effect and light and color games

The Metatron portal has a 3D effect if viewed from a distance of at least 2m. This way you can see how the shapes get deeper or out of the image.

You can simply feel how you enter or exit the portal. It has a remote control with which you can set which light games you want or static color variants. You have full control over the portal whose mission is to raise its vibration.


Each model is unique based on the idea of ​​human uniqueness through DNA.
Size 50 x 50 cm 

If you want to see the color and light metamorphoses of the portal you can see them on  YouTube


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It is your divine right to around you of art that raises your vibration! 🌈


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