Cosmic Love

500 lei

You can see how Cosmic love portal dance here:
Handmade painting on the frame, construction and led projection with decorations from forest . It has a remote control with which you can select the game of lights at will.
It can be used in meditation to calm thoughts and release stress or color therapy.
Perfect as a wake-up light at night  or in the day. Light portal shows you the beauty of all galaxies from Universe trough colors, lights and shapes. Each model is unique based on the idea of ​​human uniqueness through DNA.Size 500x50cm + decoration 5-10cm.For special orders please contact us!

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Each image is a unique creation made as a kaleidoscope.
Magic begins when the uniqueness of each image is formed spontaneously, without being planned.
Before the portal was created, it was intended that the Source or Divinity send only that information that serves the supreme good of all.

What are the tools through which the Cosmic love portal speaks and heals us?
1. Colors and light
Each color influences and feeds the subtle energy fields that lead to increased vibration because we use color therapy.
Once the portal is lit, healing is much faster due to the colors that become stronger with the help of light.

4. Observer status.
The energy of cosmic love is pink.
That is why the portal uses the pink planets to send the cosmic love of the universe to the one who looks at it.
Next to the pink planets appear small white hearts that are infused with the energy of cosmic love.
The hearts symbolize the Earth love that is sent to the point in the middle of the portal.
That point is you who receive all this energy of cosmic love.
The portal invites you to discover many other messages only if you notice and embark on the adventure of details that bring to light important messages for you.

5. Meditation
The circle shapes that repeat in the portal and have a point in the middle form a mandala.
Buddhist monks use mandala meditation to connect to the Source.
They were attentive to the point in the middle of the mandala, and each time their thoughts came to their attention they turned carefully to the point in the center of the mandala until they reached the nonding state, so that they could connect to the Source and their divine Self.
Moreover, the mandala manages to bring us into the present time by meditating on it. Only in the present time are we connected to our self and to the flow of the Universe.

7.The numbers
The portal speaks to us through numbers so the 11 sides of the portal
Number 11 is the Master number that is related to Karma. This number is also a symbol of spiritual awakening. If this number keeps appearing very often by your side, it means that you should turn more to your spiritual life. You have your life purpose on this planet and you need to serve to others.

8. Portal decoration
The decor shows us that in both Nature and the Universe there are colors and patterns and that everything is in harmony.
Thus harmony is achieved when we are grounded and connected to the Source.

10. The shape of the kaleidoscope
The repetitive forms in the portal stimulate the intuition and openness of the Ajna chakra.
These shapes help us to have a more efficient orientation in space.

11.The portal has a 3D effect at night if viewed from a distance of at least 2m. It comes with a remote control that gives you the freedom to play with light and colors as you feel ❤️


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