600 lei

Handmade painting on the frame, construction and led projection with decorations from forest.

It has a remote control with which you can select the game of lights at will.
It can be used in meditation to calm thoughts and release stress or color therapy.

This image tell you that always your guardians angels are next to you and they are ready helping you when you ask them for help.

So, your vibration will grow and you will feel much better beacuse you are closer to your higher self and to the Source.

Perfect as a wake-up light in the night or in the day. Each model is unique based on the idea of ​​human uniqueness through DNA.

This image is created with the intention to the Divinity to receive that image who serves of the highest good of all Humanity.

Firstly the image talk to you trough sacred geometry and trough the numbers.

Secondly talk to you trough colors and light information and trough kalidoscope forms that improve you intuition.

Size 50x50cm + decoration 5-10cm

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