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The flower of eternal life

670,00 lei
The flower of eternal life invites  you to meditate on the mandala to charge yourself with the energy that comes from it trough the codes of light,colour and geometric shapes.
It brings energy into your body because you will learn how to meditate on it from the instructions in the attached leaflet. It helps you open your third eye due to its kaleidoscope shape. It has a diameter of 50 cm, and the perfectly matching decoration has a size of 14 cm. It connects via Bluetooth to your phone. The appilaction has multiple light games, the color shades can be changed, the color game can be set to sync with your phone's music or external music, plus many other features found in the application. This product is unique in the world in terms of idea and design. It is your right to surround yourself with the metamorphosis of living art from Fire de Lumina that increases your frequency every time you look at it.