Benefits of mandalas

  What is a mandala?

✨Mandalas are considered powerful tools for connecting with Source and accessing higher states of consciousness.
✨Mandalas are catalysts for spiritual growth and personal development.
✨Each Mandala is begun with intention and its basic purpose, which is represented by the structure of geometry and combinations of numbers and colors.
✨In the practice of mandalas, a person discovers that the principles from all spiritual traditions can be easily accessible. When you have a mandala around you as a sacred geometry, you will automatically tune into the principles it radiates.
✨The mandala is a map of the cosmos also known as a sacred diagram that the practitioner uses to navigate through the energies of the universe.
✨It is considered by the practitioner as a sacred space that needs to be entered with reverence and respect.
✨The mandala is often divided into additional sections, each section representing a different level of reality or multiple levels of consciousness and understanding. This helps the practitioner in different practices of different levels of understanding, to know oneself and help to expand their horizon, balancing the mind, body, and soul.
✨The practice with mandalas is well known in meditation, the experiences being on different levels of intensity and complexity, in visual, informative, or emotional forms.


Benefits of mandala

Here you can see some purposes the mandala has:

1.Increase focus and concentration
2.Helps you get mental clarity
3.Improve objective narrative, thus, being detached and aware at the same time of emotions, thoughts, and events
4.Helps you get in a state of conscious presence
5.Might help you understand your personal mission and purpose
6.Assists you in controlling your own emotions, accessing and controlling the energy of the chakras and the elements of nature
7.Assists you in the process of spiritual growth, self-awareness, influences of values, beliefs, and personal experiences.
A mandala is a message from the universe because it speaks to you through its codes of light, color, and geometric shape by raising your frequency (if it is a light mandala).
There are also mandalas that do not contain beneficial codes for your ascension, so it is important to learn to recognize them.


The secret ingredient of the pictures (portals) from Fire de Lumină

Before the images are created, the intention is set to receive ONLY those pieces of information that are Krystic and in harmony with the original blueprint of humans.
Each of us is a channel through which information comes from the Source and beyond.
That's why this channel requires constant cleansing and connection to those aspects of light and original Krystic identities to receive information that is in harmony with our original blueprint.
After this intention is set, the mandalas are created without planning, allowing only high-frequency emotions and communication with Krystic identities to guide the energy in their creation.
The multidimensional Krystic identities from the soul matrix, oversoul, and avatar that realize the design of the pictures are the ones who make this transfer of visual information, offering healing to both the person creating them and to everyone who comes into contact with these images.




 What are the tools through which the FIRE DE LUMINĂ manifests healing?


Fire de Lumină can have infinite colors from which you choose.
We all know about color therapy as a completely natural therapeutic method capable of rebalancing the body, especially when we are under stress.
Each color has a certain frequency and emits a wave that passes through your retina and reaches the optic nerve, producing a chain of reactions in the body.
You know that the chakras accumulate subtle light energies, colored differently, which they then distribute inside the body.
Each chakra corresponds to one of the seven basic colors of the white light spectrum.
When a certain chakra is weakly energized, a malfunction or even a disorder manifested by emotions or illnesses will appear in the body.
Usually, it is sufficient in these cases for the respective chakra to be charged as necessary through direct exposure to light radiation of the corresponding color or by looking at the necessary color for a longer period of time.
It is enough for such a picture to be looked at for just a few minutes to increase the energy level in the body and also to fill the chakras with the information from colors.

The working technique through which the color codes are integrated: "BREATHE COLORS"!

Imagine that the air you breathe is colored and the light from the colored filters of the portal is directed to parts of the body, making its frequency higher.
Before taking the codes from a picture you are looking at, is important to ask from the Source a sphere of withe light to protect and surround you and build a white-silver light sphere in the thymus.
On the inhale, draw the silver light from the center of the earth into the thymus, and on the exhale, deposit it there. On the next inhale, draw white light from the Source coming through the crown chakra and stopping in the thymus.
Take several inhales and exhales and build this white-silver light sphere in the thymus, then on an exhale, expel it parallel to your body. Ask the Source to send you Krystic codes of sound and light into this sphere, codes that will make the sphere function as a Krystic filter for the codes you receive from the mandala.
This helps you to not integrate anti-krystic codes that are not in harmony with your original imprint from the Source.
These anti-krystic codes are always perceived and highlighted in the mandala by your shadow side or by that dual part that has forgotten its origin and needs to be healed and brought home to you in its original Krystic form.
As you look at the mandala and inhale the codes from it through the sphere acting as a Krystic filter, you intend for them to go where they are needed.
After doing this exercise, you can create an alchemizing sphere of golden silver light in your thymus through the same technique by which you created the white-silver light sphere, the only difference being that you draw golden light from chakra 14, 90 cm above the head.
After you have created it, you send it to surround the white-silver light sphere that acted as a Krystic filter and which will alchemize and transform into pure (NEUTRAL) energy all the inorganic anti-krystic energies that remained in the filter sphere.
It helps a lot to ask for support from those Krystic identities of yours that are compatible with the possibility to alchemize.


In most portals, mandalas appear predominantly because they represent one of the ways in which your multidimensional Krystic identities, soul, oversoul, and avatar communicate with you.
The word mandala comes from Sanskrit and means sacred circle.
Buddhist monks, as well as Native Americans, use mandalas to invoke Source energy when they need it for healing purposes.
This promotes the discovery of the Self.
It is round so that energies flow smoothly without hitting corners.
It helps us return to unity through its visual form.
The circle repeated in mandalas symbolizes the connection between man, the Universe, and the Source.

How to meditate on a mandala?

Before meditating on the mandala it is advisable to activate your protection with the sphere of white light surrounding you and the sphere as a christic filter.
After the meditation you create the alchemy sphere of golden-silver light and send it to surround the sphere of white-silver light that acted as a christic filter to transform it into pure (neutral) energy.
Sit as relaxed as possible and carefully look at the point in the center of the mandala, which is known to be a gateway through which you enter the spiritual world.
Then gradually focus your gaze on other areas of the mandala.
Do not let your mind wander elsewhere and return your attention to the center of the mandala whenever a thought comes to you, until your mind calms down and you can connect to the codes in the mandala, which produce the transfer of vital energy flowing through you.
At first, meditate with the help of the mandala for 10-15 minutes a day, and then, as time passes, allocate more time to meditation so that you connect to the creator within you.
As you remain anchored in the present, you are in flow with the Universe and receive VITAL ENERGY.
Only in the present moment you can connect to your soul, oversoul, and avatar, and the information that is Krystic and in harmony with your original template will come more quickly.


The combination of simple geometric shapes studied and used in sacred geometry forms the basis of generating the entire creation, including even the invisible, spiritual planes, the worlds of spirits, beings of light, and extraterrestrials from higher dimensions.
Fire de Lumina shows a conscious simplification of cosmic complexity, made with a sense of the sacred.
This way, looking at such a picture for a longer time or meditating on, it will allow your subconscious to have amazing revelations about your true nature, about the meaning you have chosen to follow, about evolution, and our profound nature.
Each geometric shape has a message for you, such as;
 The CIRCLE conveys the message of centering in your being and connecting to your creative force.
The SQUARE conveys the message of organization, calming the mind, and focusing on a project or life plan.
The RHOMBUS conveys the message of balancing cosmic energies with terrestrial ones and harmonizing your inner world with the external one.
The KALEIDOSCOPE as a shape stimulates the pineal gland and improves intuition, ensuring better spatial orientation. We are multidimensional beings, and this shape comes with an extra dose of information through which we improve our multidimensional understanding.

        FIRE DE LUMINĂ and the art of the new EARTH

As the frequency of the planet rises, people elevate their level of consciousness and understand the true art, which represents only the pure information of light, color, and sacred geometry through which the Source speaks to us.
We are all stardust, and we all come from the Source, so it is our right from the Source to surround ourselves with art that raises our frequency and connects us to our true origin.





THE UNIVERSE                                                            THE PLANET EARTH





Experiment demonstrating how the level of photons in the body increases after viewing a picture from Fire de Lumină.




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