The Universe of colors

Threads of light from the space

I am sure that you wonder

It is the mind’s job to wonder, but it’s our job to become more aware of it. Living in the present moment is the best gift you can ever offer to yourself. This comes with practice. For at least 10 minutes a day, take a break and become the Observer of your thoughts without judging them. After a while, you will realize that this practice helps you make the best decisions in your life. We are all evolving at the moment – and some Light will bring more clarity and joy into this process.

We are our own creators of a lifetime jorney.

A good story always starts with awsome people.

They’ve met in Vama Veche(RO) few years ago, and the Universe brought them back together again for this project, but on a higher Spiritual Level.

Ramona and Brian are two dedicated souls in search for Truth. She’s in touch with the Divine Light and he’s in tune with the pure vibrations of Mother Earth. “We have Ying and Yang, Ether and Earth, Cosmic Energy and Deep Roots” – a perfect combination to ignite the fire of creativity.

Cosmic Ramona

I like to say that I am one soul in love with colors. I am an experienced Tattoo artist based on high vibration art. As a channel harmoniser in physical reality I prefer to create art that bring us in higher level of consciousness. Painting, drawing and tattooing showed me that colors are information and medicine to our souls that make the connection through mother Earth and The Divine source.  My desire to get on a higher vibration level made me  realize through digital art these “Cosmic Flowers” that now I am in love with.



Rooted Brian

Working as a digital artist for several years as an employee, I realize how much lie is it in this world that we live in. A life that imprisoned me in the vortex of slavery. But, as we all have spiritual guidance, even if we know it or not, mine’s introduced me to the Didgeridoo (an ancestral instrument that aborigines connect and give thanks to mother Earth, that transmits “wooble” type vibrations 0-1Khz frequencies). Through it I started seeing the vibration and the connection with light, the universal power. This changed my life and the way  I see it. Meeting Ramona, made me see her creation of cosmic flowers where I felt that i can bring life to them. With all my knowledge in electronics, vibration and art, I knew that all of this can be materialized.

So here we are now!


Quality Over Quantity

How we make them


The digital design of a mandala

First we make the digital design in kaleidoscopic lines

The print

We materialize it

The LED map

We place the LED light behind the scene in the unique lines of the mandala

The Frame

We handcraft the frame taking care of the smallest details


With our lovely hands we design the unique decoration from nature, from angels or the mineral side depending on your wish.

You enjoy

Love life, relax and get loose in the details of the mandala, meditate with, get the sparkle within you.

Colors form Universe

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