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Mandala and the higher self-Fire de Lumina-invite to meditation

Threads of light brings to your heart a particle of you and the Universe to easily connect to your self through these images.

You are a Divine Spark and it takes great pleasure to connect to parts of you through these wonderful cosmic flowers .  So these mandalas and other combinations of geometric shapes  are parts of the  sacred geometry.

Sacred geometry shows  us how this science represents the geometric archetypes that can symbolize and synthesize all visible and invisible shapes in the known universe and unknown.

 Moreover, the combination of simple geometric shapes that are studied and used in sacred geometry form the basis of the generation of all creation, including  spiritual planes, worlds of spirits, beings of light, and angels.

Through Threads of light we manage to make a conscious simplification of the cosmic complexity, made with the sense of the sacred. Thus looking at such a picture for a long time or meditating on it, the subconscious will allow you to have amazing revelations about your true nature,  the meaning you have to follow, evolution and our deep nature.

This kind of art sends us high vibration information through these portals .


Because mandalas appear predominantly in most portals, we will make a short history of them.

So we will reveal a secret and tell you that mandalas are one of the ways that your higher Self communicates to you.

The word mandala comes from Sanskrit and means sacred circle. This is a diagram made up of several circles and squares combined.  In some Eastern religions it is the symbol of the cosmos because connections with the divinity were facilitated by mandalas.

These religions used mandalas as a support for concentration and meditation.  Mandalas are also used in psychology, with Carl Gustav Jung interpreting them as symbols of individuality.

Buddhist monks and Native Americans also use mandalas to invoke energy Divine when they need it for healing purposes.  Studies by C. Jung also revealed that healing is facilitated by mandalas. The mandala symbolizes health, harmony, unity and the life cycle. It promotes self-discovery.

It is round so that the energies flow smoothly  without hitting the corners.The mandala is a circle, which has a center, but is also made up of geometric prints, which symbolize the geometry of the entire universe.

How does a mandala work?

A mandala is built from the inside out. The mandala can be used for its healing effects in 3 ways: by analyzing it, by coloring it or even by creating it.Nowadays, mandalas are used for meditation and for treating mental disorders.

How to meditate on the mandala?

First of all, you keep the attention on the point that is in the midlle of mandala. When we are focus on that point receive more energy from the Universe.

Every time a thought appears you come back with our attention to the point of the middle of mandala.

In time we will have less thoughts and your mind will be in pace.Only a quiet mind can let us to be connected to our higher self.

Mandala are  a gateway through  we can penetrating the spiritual world.

At first, meditate on  mandala for 10-15 minutes a day .

In time you can encrase the time during meditation. You can remain anchored in the present and be the flow with the universe to receive  vital energies.

What can a mandala do?

Through mandala our higher self communicates with us. It helps us return to Divine unity through visual form. The circle that repeats itself in mandalas symbolizes the connection between man and the Universe. The circle requires a universal cyclical manifestation, eternal return, dynamism, repetition and cosmic rhythm.

In nature you can make an alternative day and night, a phases of the moon, a seasons as well as a zodiac sign.The circle  is the symbol of the cycles of manifestation. 

They are correlated with Creation with the phenomenal world, it can be said to be cosmic. The circle contains in itself expansion, the centrifugal direction but also the contraction of the centripetal direction.

There is a connection with external and internal evolution depending on the direction of the generating radius. Following some central points, there is a connection with the essence of the Cosmos and with the periphery by circumference.

Because there is an extreme attitude, there are connections with totality, unification and all-encompassing love. Because each point of circumference is equal distance from the center, equal balance, equality.

Another aspect, each point of circumference is at the end and the end of the circle, in this way is the creation and any phenomenon or object manifested inside it.

It is a good remedy for people who always feel incomplete, unbalanced and who do not feel the Divine love of others. Any mandala consists of concentric circles arranged from the inside towards exterior and illustrates the idea that we are constructed in the same way.

Interestingly, each of us can draw a fixed mandala as he feels. Depending on the colors and geometric shapes used intuitively in creating the mandala, our higher self communicates with us, because every color and geometric shape has a message and an interpretation.

When each of us intuitively draws a mandala, it will show the current state we have at that moment, depending on the colors we feel we can use.

Thus the colors transmit the following information about us.

White – conveys a state of calm relief, attaining perfection and compassion.

Black – shows that we use our intuition that we have the ability to see things as a whole.

Gray – shows that we are gentle, loving, loyal and that we heal our souls.

Yellow – we are friendly, receptive, we love nature and we are intelligent.

Blue – we feel satisfied, satisfied, relaxed and in harmony with our current life.

Red – we feel steadfast, we have power and supremacy, we are changing and generating love or seeking love.

Violet – art about us that we have love for people that we are idealistic and wise.

Pink – we are sensitive, we have an inner harmony and we are in inner healing but also in a universal one.

Orange – denotes about us that we have control over ourselves that we have vitality but also the desire to be respected.

Green – trust in ourselves and everything around us, we are connected and relate well, we are in the process of healing something and we generate a lot of calm.

Brown – shows a closeness to the earth, stability and conscious connection with Nature.

Silver – means something beyond the physical sense, paranormal or supernatural ability, emotions and feelings that erupt, a state of well-being.

Gold – the strongest energy, the purifying force, the highest form of communication.

If you also feel how the portals talk to you and how important it is for you to meditate and connect to your Divine self, go to www.firedelumina.eu and choose a portal.

The moment you resonate with one of them, then the Universe tells you that that portal is your messenger from the Source.   These paintings speak to you through numbers, colors, geometric shapes, kaleidoscopes and many other tools.

You can find more magic about them here:

Instagram – firedelumina.eu

You tube – Fire de Lumina

Facebook – Fire de Lumina

It is your divine right to surround yourself with art that raises your vibration!

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